Sunday, June 26, 2011

A new technique, a new vision....

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet..." (or would it?)

I find that, when it comes to painting, messy is better. Messy is good. This reminds me of when artist Ros Singleton (and her daughter Alison) spent some time with me during a summer for their seminar. I distinctly remember Ros's words, "messy is gooood" in her addictive Aussie accent. The time we shared taught me so much.I really have to agree with her now on the messy thing, because I find myself being a total slob when it comes to my palette.

I believe that we as artists, are never "complete" in our craft....always growing and changing. There is so much to be learned. When I first started painting, I was very timid with my work. (I look back at a photo of one of my first roses, and now all I can do is laugh. One day I might get the courage to post it, so we can all pee our pants together). I find that now, I am painting more experimentally, in the fashion of realism (Well, I'm trying. I'm not there yet!! Haha..) This gives each flower greater dimension and depth, in fact it breathes life into the flower. It becomes more real rather than just a painting.

I look at a rose in a different way than I did ten years ago. I used to simply see just a rose. But now, I see the rose, I see its petals, the many shades in one petal, its curvature, the beauty of how it sits there, how it falls into place, and how happy it makes me to look at it (and then of course to paint it). That's the feeling I  experience when I surround myself with paintings from my fellow artists. It makes me genuinely happy. I want to convey this in all of my pieces.

As I sit here looking at this rose photograph I have just posted (above), I can even feel the silky satin petals just by looking at it now. I am amazed at how perceptions change over time. Oh, who knows...maybe it's just  old age creeping up on me. ha ha ha!


  1. Hi, Mary. I have always wanted to learn to paint roses, but I've always painted them from "memory" or what my idea of a rose looks like. Painting from a picture or better yet, the actual rose in front of you, gives you a feel for all the curves, various shades and each individual petal. Your roses are always beautiful!

  2. Veronica, Toluca Lake, CAJune 27, 2011 at 12:04 AM

    Hi Mary!
    I am an artist as well and I have been following you for many years now. Great to see that you have a blog where you can share all of this with us. You inspire me! Thank you thankyou! Please keep posting! Hope to see you in Southern California soon...


  3. Hi Mary,

    Isn't it interesting how artists see differently? I look at a rose and see tones and planes of light. I see hues, temperature and edges. Love your blog and your website! I'm a follower!


  4. Hey,
    looking forward to seeing your new pretties!!! post pics soon

  5. Hi, Mary!

    I have always followed your rose art. Glad you are coming to California...Hope you give a demonstration. Wonderful website and blog! Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful things, and reading more of your insightful words.

    Patricia Carmel, California