Saturday, June 25, 2011

the beauty that inspires me...

Wow! This is my first blog. As many of you know, or will come to know through reading this blog and visiting my website, I am a romantic rose artist and designer. I want to welcome all of those who are new to my art, as well as those who know my work well. I want this blog to be a place of inspiration, reflection, and further insight into the thinking behind my artwork. 

I have been an artist for over ten years, but only in the last ten years have I developed a specific passion for painting in the shabby-elegant style. I paint not only on canvas, but also on antique collectibles, glassware, china, silverware, and refurbished vintage furniture. I often love to adorn my pieces with Swarovsky crystals to add to their classic appeal. I absolutely love the transformations that occur through the process of my work---nothing beats seeing a Baroque-style mirror transformed into a timeless, feminine statement piece.

My passion for floral art and the shabby style is inspired not only by the natural beauty around me every day, but also by what could be. When I walk into a room, or see an antique silver tea set, I cannot help but envision myself painting all over it! I love crisp, French country-inspired themes, as well as a minimalist approach to decor. I am inspired by Pioneer romantic rose artist, Catherine Klein. The 1800's were a period in art that marked the change from Neoclassicism (based on roman art) to the Romantic period, which emphasized emotion. That is the core element to my work-the emotion behind it. I am inspired also by my peers- such as Cindy Ellis, Christie Repasy, and of course, Rachel Ashwell (who herself coined the term "Shabby Chic"), among others.

As I have just launched my new website, the store is currently being stocked. I am busy stomping grapes in the next room, as we speak, a' la "I Love Lucy." Just kidding!

Please continue checking in to my website frequently, and this blog, as I will soon be revealing my latest collection with you. I am extremely thrilled to share this with you, as it has been a labour of love. Expect elegance, romance, and a whole lot of roses.You won't be able to resist finishing your home with these pieces.


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  1. do you teach? I would love to learn how to paint roses,, thank you